For explosion-proof safety 


History of SÜKO

In 1994 the company SÜKO GmbH & Co. KG in Bodelshausen emerged from Süddeutscher Kondensatorenbau in Herrsching am Ammersee. The founder and proprietor of Süddeutscher Kondensatorenbau, Dr. Ostenrieder, had relinquished the company for reasons of age.


Optimal safety

SÜKO explosion-protected motor capacitors have been tested by the Electrosuisse SEV for use in explosion-risk areas of Zone 1 und 21 and approved by an EU type-examination certificate and IECEx certificate.

Following their sourcing from well-known capacitor manufacturers, the capacitors are then refinied to create premium-quality, explosion-protected motor capacitors. This is achieved in accordance with the "sand casing" protection type, pursuant to the prevailing standards, offering maximum.

On the "Capacitors" page you can find a large selection of explosion-protected motor capacitors for various voltage ranges that can be supplied by SÜKO Kondensatorenbau.

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